Sommer Mayer

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by all things beauty related. It started out even as a young child I was playing with make up on my dolls, then later in middle school practicing on all of my friends giving them “makeovers”. I have always enjoyed making women look and feel their best. I believe when women feel their best they view the world differently, and achieve great things.

What if I told you could look flawless all of the time without extensive surgery or messy products?

Have you ever asked yourself…?

“How can I save more time getting ready in the morning?”

“How can I look more awake without surgery?”

“How can I use less products?”

“How can I stop my mascara from running?”

Eyelash extensions. I found that I was able to make a bigger difference in a woman’s life, by opening up their eyes, adding a natural beauty that does not require any makeup to make them feel beautiful and confident.

Want a more natural result? Go with the Classic Set.

Want to unleash your inner diva? The Bombshell Set is for you!

I have received the best education in the industry and use only the highest quality  products available on the market.

I  hold certification as a Classic Lash Technician, and since upgraded my training in Volume Lash Extensions.

Sit back, relax and let me make your life easier.

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Come Beautiful. Leave Fabulous