The Secret to Gorgeous Makeup

Your private one-on-one tutorial with a skilled makeup artist who will educate you on the latest beauty trends and products, the items and techniques that will look best on you and how to enhance your beauty at home. From a day to night look, bring your makeup bag and we’ll consult on what you have and what you need.
$50 | 60 min

You purchased that eyeshadow palette from the makeup counter and your baffled on how to use it. No need to fret, let us teach you step-by-step how to angle the brush, what shades to use and how to get that glam eye makeup look you’ve been coveting.
$35 | 45 min

You booked that amazing destination wedding and have all the details worked out except one thing. Well we haven’t forgot and got you covered. We plan and teach you how to execute that perfect look to ensure when you look back at your photos you’re nothing but flawless.
$100 | 120 min